Money Saving Beauty Tricks for Lips

8.27 Blog Money Saving Lip Tricks
Looking to save a little on your beauty routine?  Whether it’s making your products last longer or pull double duty, here are some easy beauty tricks to try:

  • Use a Scrub: Use less product and make lipstick last longer by keeping your lips flake free.  Use a DIY sugar scrub  of sugar and olive oil or simply brush lips gently with a soft toothbrush.
  • Fake a Stain: Make your lipstick pull double duty as a lip stain by following these simple steps: Apply lipstick, blot with a tissue, brush powder across lips, reapply lipstick, blot with fingers.
  • Find Extra Product: Get every last drop of your lip-gloss by placing the sealed lip-gloss tube in a mug with warm water.  The water will loosen the gloss from the sides so you can access it with the wand again.
  • Scrape the Stick: When you can no longer apply your favorite lipstick from the tube, use a lip brush to get the very last of the pigment.  There’s still plenty of color to be found!

How do you make your lip products last longer?  Share your best tips in the comments or on our Facebook page.