4 Chic Ways to Celebrate Earth Day

Earth Day comes around once a year and for one day everyone thinks about how they can help the Earth Live a little more beautifully.  While it’s fun for kids to plant a tree or make collages out of recycled newspaper, that may not be the way adults want to celebrate.   How should the chic, beautiful living woman celebrate Earth Day?  Here are some fresh, chic ideas for showing the Earth you care:

Host an Eco-Party
Invite your friends over for a garden get together.  Serve organic cocktails like an Eco Mojito and make your own pizza or salads with greens and veggies from a local farmer’s market or organic grocer…don’t forget your reusable shopping tote.  Make sure to keep the meat m.i.a. to be gentler to the planet and use cloth napkins, real plates, and dine by candlelight.

Go Shopping the Eco Way
Have some shopping to do for spring?  Earth Day Sunday is a perfect day for getting and giving articles of clothing.  Go through your closet and clean house – grab anything that you don’t wear anymore or have outgrown and donate it to your local thrift store like Goodwill or the Salvation Army.  While you’re there you can shop for new gently used pieces, or head out to vintage stores in the area.  Buying vintage or thrift store clothes saves the Earth from having to give up natural resources to make new ones.

Upgrade your Makeup Routine
Have you procrastinated upgrading your beauty products to Eco-friendly alternatives?  Pull the plug and make a change!  Switch even just a couple of your beauty products to versions that contain less chemicals and come in less packaging.   This is also the perfect time to make sure all your makeup brushes are Earth friendly too.  All our brushes are created with sustainable bamboo, cruelty-free bristles, and recycled aluminum ferrules.  Check out our brush selection.

Commune with Nature
Sometimes a little sun is good for the soul.  Your nature communing can be as simple as eating dinner on your back porch, grabbing a cocktail with the girls on an outdoor patio, shop an outdoor market, or take your puppy to the park.  Just make sure to slather up with sunscreen to protect your skin.

For more eco friendly ideas, visit our Living Beautifully Community!

Earth Day is this Sunday, April 22, 2012.  How will you be taking time out of your day to celebrate the Earth?

Photo from Ecorazzi 


  • http://really-out-there.net/ Lori

    This is spectacular! Thank you for visiting my blog in the middle of the night, I will be bookmarking this one though. I didn’t do anything for earth day, mainly because I try to do things all year around. I did however shop at the good will the day before (Scored a wing back chair for $16!)

  • ScatnStyle

    oh my goodness! Hosting an “Eco-Party” is such a great idea! Would love to see an article specifically covering that idea..

  • anabel

    be an host on eco party is great way i think