Specialty Makeup Brushes for the Average Person

A couple weeks ago we blogged about 6 Essential Makeup Brushes for the Average Person and you loved it!  Over 150 of you clicked like on Facebook.  So to continue our brush education, once you have your six essential brushes: Concealer, Foundation, Blending, Eye Shadow, Eye Liner, and Lash & Brow Groomer…here are the next few you’ll need.  The average person can definitely add these specialty brushes to their collection.

Buffing Brush
This flat topped brush is perfect for getting the most out of your makeup.  Using small, circular motions buff your foundation into your skin to help achieve a glowing, not shinny look.  You can also use it to take blending to the next step.  Accidentally apply too much blush?  Use the Buffing Brush to buff the excess cheek color into your foundation.

Bronzer Brush
Even if you don’t wear bronzer, you’ll want this brush atop your vanity.  This chunky, thick brush contains densely packed bristles perfect for applying contouring.  Use it to not only apply bronzer, but also to apply two toned blush.  Suck your cheeks in and use the Bronzer Brush to apply a slightly darker shade of blush into the hollows of your cheeks, then layer your normal blush with a Blush Brush on top of it to create contouring and definition.  This brush is also great for applying shimmer powder on the face or body.

Travel Brush
There are sometimes you just need to bring a brush with you when you’re on the go.  Think touch ups after a long flight,  long days where you go from work to cocktails, after workouts, or even that audition for the local play.  Carrying a brush that’s designed to travel not only makes sure the brush stays in pristine condition, but also guarantees that you won’t end up with excess makeup on your clothes or in your handbag.  Plus carrying a single brush is much easier than toting a whole travel set with you.  Our two travel companions are perfect for on the go: The Retractable Kabuki is great if you’re a bronzer, powder, or blush girl while The Retractable Foundation Brush is perfect for almost any type of touch up, it’s also the smaller of the two so it’s easier to tote.

Cosmetic Applicators
Usually we say that those tiny applicators that come with eye shadow quads aren’t the best for applying color, there are some times they’re just right.  We love these little guys for applying crazy bright colors.  There hard tips mean the bright color won’t move with you try to apply it.  These small applicators are also are perfect for fixing makeup mistakes – just dip the tip in makeup remover!

Now you have a collection of ten makeup brushes!  It’s the perfect start for creating all your everyday makeup looks!  Which of these four brushes do you have?  Which one is your favorite?

  • liz

    Love, love, LOVE that bronezer brush. Those densely packed bristles!! That fantastically chunky handle! Would that every brush had a handle that chunky. I sometimes apply bronzer JUST for the joy of using that brush.

    I also own the retractable kabuki which was super handy to pack in my tiny bridesmaid’s purse for my sister’s wedding. Looking forward to owning the other travel brush and the buffing brush soon! I just love your products!