Feel Good Friday: Eco Art, Sustainable arts and crafts for your home

A few weeks ago, we talked about eco friendly ways to upgrade your décor and now we want to finish the look.  Eco Art!  Whether you’re looking for a small special something for a tiny nook or to install a wall of art, there are lots of sustainable, eco friendly options that are still fun, quirky, chic, and beautiful.  Here are five of our favorite ideas:

Wooden Wall Art: Whole Living Magazine turned us onto Plywerk.  Instead of bothering with fussy, expensive frames or fragile canvas, opt for wood!  Plywerk will print your photos and mount them onto sustainable harvested maple or bamboo.  An added bonus?  Prices start at just $15.

Upcycled Maps: Who doesn’t have old maps or an out of date atlas lying around?  Blogger Kayla Danelle shows you how to create framed map art.  Simply cute your favorite state out, add a heart sticker to your favorite city (where you grew up, where you met your spouse, etc.), and then float in a glass frame.

Melted Crayons:  This project is perfect for your inner child and would look great in an art room, baby’s room, and any place that needs a splash of color.  Blogger Meg Duersken shows you how to create this clever project by gluing crayons to canvas and melting them with a hair dryer.   It’s a perfect way to upcycle all those odds and ends crayons your kids left around.

Wall Plates: You’ve probably seen this project before, create a wall of plates!  Find plates in thrift or vintage stores, or use old plates you have lying around, pop them on wall mounts and arrange in a pleasing pattern.  If you need inspiration, Shelterness has some great photos and layouts to try.

Gallery Wall: This last project may take a while to create, but finding cool photographs and art in thrift stores, at garage sales, or in mom’s basement are all great ways to start a gallery wall.  If you have a huge wall and aren’t sure how to cover it, try collecting some miscellaneous pieces of art and arranging them on one wall.  Put up your kids’ artwork, take old photos, or even old art you made in school.  The quirkier the pieces, the better.

How is the art in your space Earth friendly?