Feel Good Friday: The Day After Christmas

With all the hustle and bustle of the weekend literally at our doorstep, most of us aren’t even thinking about what to do after Christmas.

Donate items you won’t need.  Did you get the newest kindle or a new cell phone as a gift this month?  Donate or recycle your old items.  Old cell phones can go to Cell Phones for Soldiers or The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence.  If your phone is beyond repair, drop it off at your local cell phone shop, Best Buy, or Staples for recycling.  Check out the EPA’s website or Earth 911 for great instructions on how to recycle almost everything else.

Recycle or upcycle holiday paper waste.  Most people don’t know that wrapping is recyclable; as long as that paper doesn’t contain and metallic/foil in it, it can go right into the recycling bin.  The same is true for holiday cards.  Consider upcycling your holiday cards.  But cutting them up you can make gift tags for next year, create collage postcards, or even use them for thank you notes.  If you don’t feel like using them, send them along to this teacher from The Daily Green who uses them in the classroom.

Dispose of your tree responsibly.  Don’t just toss your tree to the curb.  Most cities have a recycling program in place, in our hometown of Chicago, you can take them to city parks for free mulching.  You could also strip the tree of its needles to make sachets for drawers, or if you purchased a potted tree, plant it in your backyard (yard full of trees?  Donate it to a park or school…just ask first).  If you went the artificial route, box your tree back up for use next year, hand it down to a child or sibling, or donate it to your local thrift store.

  • http://www.unconventionallibrarian.com/ Pammy Pam

    these are great tips. thanks!

  • http://www.happymakernow.com/ Debbie @ Happy Maker

    Great tips here. I did not realize that wrapping paper could be recycled. Thank you very much for informing me of this.
    Blessing to you,