Feel Good Friday: DIY Holiday Gifts

Holidays on a budget can be tricky, but nothing says “I care” more than a handmade holiday gift.  Creating something yourself is a great way to save money and the planet.  Many pretty gifts can be made from materials that would otherwise end up at the recycling center!  So save the planet and show you care with these crafty ideas.

T-Shirt Bag

This cute little bag is a snap to make with a cute t-shirt, a sewing machine, and these great step by step instructions from Between the Lines.  Make a rainbow colored set for each day of the week, or make one out of a cool, vintage tee as a neat stocking stuffer.

Cookies in a Jar 

Creating a cute cookie jar is a super simple and thoughtful gift for the dessert lover in your life.  They’re perfect for mailing too.  Simply gather all the dry ingredients from your favorite cookie recipe and layer them one by one in a Mason jar or self-sealing canister.  Print out the recipe on a piece of card stock and tie it around the neck of the jar with a pretty ribbon.  Or you can use this recipe from Family Fun

Vintage Book Purse 

This is a great gift for your friend who loves to read.  Remember the simple days before Kindles and iPads by creating a purse out of an old book (bonus points if the book was unreadable to start with).  Follow these step-by-step instructions from instructables.com

Decorative Photo Frame

This is the perfect gift for kids to give their parents, a newly married couple to gift wedding photos, or as a special something extra for Grandma.  Purchase an inexpensive photo frame and decorate it with a fun theme.  Try seashells for your Cabo vacation photo, glitter and pearls for your wedding photos, or tons of tiny buttons for your seamstress friend.  Find more detailed instructions and ideas from Yahoo! Photo from Etsy.

Love these ideas but aren’t feeling crafty?  Hop over to Etsy.com for tons of handmade, beautiful gifts that you can purchase with a click of a button.

Have you ever made a handmade holiday gift?



  • http://mommetime.me/ Amy

    great ideas…I really like the t-shirt bag idea and the button frame is a craft that I can do with my kids. thanks for sharing.

    • ecotools

      Glad you found some gift ideas Amy! Happy Holidays!

  • anekaberita

    Happy Holiday sis/broth

    • ecotools

      Happy Holidays!