Feel Good Friday: Green Gifts Book List

Looking for more ways to go green or gift green?  We scoured through tons of eco-friendly and green books to find some great ones we recommend.  Books make perfect gifts for hostesses, teachers, the avid reader, or anyone on your holiday gift list that wants to try to be a little more eco-friendly.  All of these books are easy to read, well organized, and not preachy: the perfect read for the person that may not even be that eco-friendly!  Here are our four current favorites:

1.  EcoChick Guide to Life by Starre Vartan

This book tops our list for its fun, girly cover.  We also like it because it’s easy to read and the perfect size for reading on the go…just pop it in your purse.  Starre has some great tips that are not at all preachy; including beauty tips and easy DIY beauty recipes for at home facials, body scrubs, and other body improvements.

2.  Conscious Kitchen by Alexandra Zissu

This kitchen and food guide features recipes and advice from tons of famous chefs and covers lots of different types of food.  All foods are broken down by definition and Alexandra gives you suggestions for the best choice whether you’re eating beef or beets.

3. Easy Green Living by Renee Loux

Renee currently hosts Fine Living TV’s “Easy Being Green” show.  Her book features an array of different brands and their contact information for almost everything.  Looking for a green drain cleaner?  Renee will have more than one suggestion; she includes “green thumb guides” for choosing non-toxic, eco-smart, human friendly everyday essentials.  This was also one of the only books that included a compressive index, making finding information a snap.

4.  Planet Home by Jeffrey Hollender

This book, written by Jeffrey Hollender of Seventh Generation, is a quick read filled with bright and colorful graphics.  Jeffrey breaks everything down room-by-room and recommends products and statistics for almost everything.

Don’t forget, whether you’re gifting or giving, purchasing used books or passing your gently used copies onto other is the greenest choice!

Are there any green books you’ve read that you think we missed?